Set of dyes “Colorfun Deluxe” 10 * 15 ml

Set of dyes “Colorfun Deluxe” 10 * 15 ml


Set of dyes “Colorfun Deluxe” 10 * 15 ml
The set includes:
8029 “rust”; 6027 “Sea Waves”; 6010 “dollar”; 5002 Ultramarine; 4005 lavender; 3012 “Alexamari”; 3000 “code rev”; 1037 “”; 9005 “black amber”; 9010 “snow white”.

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A rich colorant ideal for epoxy applications.
The Colorfun Deluxe Dye Paste Set includes 10 shades that allow you to get a rich color for your resin products with just a couple of drops, which is facilitated by a high concentration of the product.

In extreme cases, these dyes can be used to create a transparent color, if you add a very small amount of color (literally at the tip of a toothpick / needle). But we advise you to use Pebeo specialized transparent dyes or Pinata brand alcohol ink for these purposes.

Do not forget to shake the dye jars from time to time: long storage without use can affect the properties of the product.
If the dye hardens, add a small amount of resin (component A) to it and stir well, you can also try to hold a tightly closed jar in warm hot water for 20-30 minutes.

The recommended percentage of coloring pigment to the total amount of resin varies from 1% (translucent effect) to 5% (for intense and opaque colors). Do not use more than 5% colorant based on the total weight of the resin mixture!


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