“COASTERS” – Create your own resin coasters


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“COASTERS” – A set for painting with resin

The set already includes everything you need to create your own resin coasters!

Creative Kit: Create your own coasters in Naturesin

This kit contains:

1 kg of mineral resin
Silicone mould for 4 coasters
5 colors specific to Naturesin
Gloves and mixing tools
You will also need:


Lay out a plastic tarp or old newspapers to protect the work surface.
Make sure that the silicone mould is clean and all materials are at hand.
Using a scale, weigh Naturesin powder and water in a ratio of 100:27 by weight. For every 100 grams of Naturesin powder, you will need 27 grams of water.
Add Naturesin powder to the water slowly, constantly and thoroughly mixing so that the powder and water form a homogeneous creamy compound. Follow these two steps for about 10 minutes before the mixture begins to solidify.
Pour the mixture into several cups/containers.
Colour each part by adding a few drops of dye, mixing thoroughly to get the desired shades.

Pour mixtures of different colours into different places of the silicone mould to create interesting colour effects. If you notice air bubbles, gently shake the mould (let it vibrate) to bring them to the surface and help them disappear. Allow the casting to harden for 40-60 minutes.
After 1 hour, your creations can be removed from the moulds, but over the next 4-8 hours they will continue to harden and gain greater hardness.
Sometimes, with the use of dyes, the curing time may be longer – take your time, Naturesin works for you!

Other methods!

Alternative methods:

1. For a visually impressive design, start by mixing a small portion of powder with water using the same ratio of 100:27. Add the desired colour to this mixture and apply it to the mould, creating drops or stripes. Allow this first layer to harden for 30-40 minutes.

2. After the initial layer hardens, prepare the basic powder mixture with water. Use a contrasting colour. Fill the mould with this contrasting composition, which will blend beautifully with the previously hardened layer.

In addition, select the mosaic effect by completely filling the mould with a Naturesin mixture coloured according to your choice. As soon as the material is completely solidified, take it out of the mould and break it into small pieces. Put these fragments back into the mould and fill the spaces with a new mixture of Naturesin powder and water, using a different colour – the effect will be great!

  • “NatuResin” – Mineral Resin & Water System 1 kg
  • “FOUR IN ONE” – Silicone Coaster Mould – ⌀21cm
  • Dyes (25 ml):
    Oxide red
    Oxide yellow

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