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Epoxy Resin videos

Art Pro Deluxe

Our thickest epoxy resin. Ideal for Ocean Art, Geode Art, Marble Effect, Space Art and other Resin Art techniques.

Crystal/Epoxytable 5-five

Epoxy resin for deep castings: countertops and other furniture with layer thickness up to 5 cm. Ideal for large resin and wood projects.

Vertical Glass

An ultra-viscous resin that doesn’t flow and retains the texture you’ve made manually: with a spatula, roller, brush or any other tool. The material can be used both for repairs (for example, for covering walls) and for the emdodiment of creative ideas: resin art pieces, dishes, candlesticks, etc.

Heat Pro

Heat-resistant coating with scratch protection. Heat Pro coverings do not crack or flake off over time. Heat Pro has a self-leveling smooth and glossy surface, however, there are some peculiarities in working with this material: it cannot be applied to all materials, except for transparent epoxy resin without additives and dyes. This means that if your surface material is wood, stone, plastic, etc., or a coloured epoxy resin, then the surface must be coated with a transparent layer of any of our classic resins: Trasparente, Art Pro or Art Pro Deluxe and let it harden (24 hours) before you work with Heat Pro.

Silicone Rubbers videos


Unique paste rubber, safe for the skin. It is applied to the copied object by sticking, or the object itself is pressed into the silicone mass. The silicone mold made of IGUM is reusable and durable. Ideal for creating molds for coasters and trays: a “rim” is created from silicone, which is applied to a glossy film, forming a complete mold for pouring. The yellow type differs from the blue “Fast” in the curing time: yellow one – 25 minutes, blue one – 7 minutes.

Liquid Mold

White liquid silicone rubber for casting durable and detailed molds. Molds made from Liquid Mold are compatible with resins, polyurethanes, wax, cement and other materials.

Video tips

How to dose and mix epoxy resin? How to understand mixing ratio?

Cloudy/frozen epoxy. How to restore transparency to resin?

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