“FAIRY WINGS” – UV Resin For Volumetric Reliefs


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UV resin for volumetric reliefs “Fairy Wings” 30 ml 2 colors

💥About UV resin “FAIRY WINGS” – UV Resin For Volumetric Reliefs.

UV resin “Fairy Wings” is an acrylic gel that dries under the influence of the rays of a UV torch or UV lamp.

This resin can be used to make three–dimensional reliefs, as well as decorative elements for products made of other materials, such as polymer clay.

The difference between this resin and epoxy resin is in its one–component nature (it does not require mixing two different components, it is already ready for use), in a small filling thickness (applied in thin layers 3 mm thick) and in a high curing rate (only 3-5 minutes under UV rays).

The curing time depends on the thickness of the layer or the amount of dye added to the gel. You can use lamps with a power of 3w, 9w and 36w. The main thing is that the wavelength of the lamp should be 365nm -405nm.

💥Instructions for use:

1) Clean the film on which you want to create a pattern with acetone/alcohol so that after the resin hardens, it can be easily peeled off (use a regular file /cover or our Shiny Shield film).

2) For convenience, you can outline the outline of the future drawing with a marker. Apply the gel evenly.

4) Keep the UV lamp turned on at a distance of 1-2 cm from the product for 2-5 minutes, directing the light at the product.

If you want to make the contour thickness more than 3 mm, then work in layers, “drying” each layer with UV rays before applying a new one.

It is recommended to work with the material in personal protective equipment: gloves, a respirator mask and protective glasses.

Store the product with the cap tightly closed in a dark and dry place out of the reach of children.

Work with the material by children under 18 years of age is allowed only in the presence of parents or other responsible persons and only when the child uses personal protective equipment for the skin, respiratory organs and eyes.

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