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💥 Epoxy resin kit for Beginners – easy ratio 2:1
All-inclusive resin kit, the perfect gateway into the captivating world of resin art.
Everything you need + a bit more:)



💥 Ideal for DIY and creating art-works thanks to its features:
✔️ Easy to use – > 2:1 ratio + detailed instruction;

✔️ Cups, sticks and gloves-> Everything you need for mixing;
✔️ Make your life more colourful-> 2 colours +4 glitters;
✔️ Crystal Clear Resin-> a true liquid crystal;

✔️ Odourless.

🌿Cruelty Free, Vegan Friendly🐹

💥About “Epoxy resin kit for Beginners”:

Introducing our all-inclusive resin kit, the perfect gateway into the captivating world of resin art! Designed with beginners in mind, this kit is a treasure trove of creative possibilities. Inside, you’ll find everything you need to bring your resin dreams to life.

Our kits features 180 (360) grams of CRYSTAL clear epoxy, renowned for its exceptional clarity and ease of use. With a simple 2:1 ratio, achieving the perfect mixture has never been easier. Immerse yourself in a world of vibrant colours with our pigments, colourants and glitters, allowing you to add dazzling effects to your resin creations.

We understand that getting started can be intimidating, so we’ve included six mixing sticks and four mixing cups to ensure precise and effortless resin mixing. Protect your hands and dive into your artistic journey worry-free with two pairs of gloves that guarantee a safe and comfortable experience.
To guide you along the way, we’ve thoughtfully included a detailed instruction booklet. These resources will empower you with the knowledge and techniques needed to unleash your creativity and explore the endless possibilities of resin art.
And that’s not all! One of our kit also comes with a versatile silicone mould, providing you with a ready-to-use canvas for your resin masterpieces. Let your imagination run wild as you create stunning jewellery, decorative pieces, or personalized gifts.
Whether you’re a beginner seeking an enchanting introduction to the resin world or an enthusiast looking to expand your artistic horizons, our resin kit is the ideal companion. Discover the joy of resin art with our comprehensive and beginner-friendly kit, designed to inspire and empower your creative spirit. Unleash your inner artist today!

💥Suitable for:
Model making;
-DIY and wood-working;
-Coatings of furniture and surfaces;
-Artistic creations (paintings, liquid art, petri dish);
-Jewelry and fashion;
-Glass Fiber Repair;
-Outdoor Protective Coatings;
-Boat construction;
-Impregnation of technical fabrics (glass fiber, carbon fiber, etc);

💥Key Epoxy Resin features:

  • ⚙️ 【CRYSTAL CLEAR EPOXY RESIN】 The clear epoxy resin is suitable for both beginners and professionals. Start making jewellery, paintings, and any professional creation that involves the use of resin.
  • 🧪 【HIGH QUALITY】 Crystal clear, No bubbles, Odourless – because of unique formula for DIY, craft and artistic creations. Ideal for casting and embedding objects too. Compatible with silicone, wood, fabric, glass, paper or photographs. Fast completed curing time – 24 h, Demould time is only 10 hours.
  • 💧 【EASY TO USE】 The 100:50 mixing ratio makes this product very easy to use. Being a two-component resin, simply mix RESIN A + HARDENER B in the ratio indicated above the package and let it harden without the need for further additives. Can be coloured as desired.
  • 🌿 【SAFE AND CERTIFIED】 All our resins are Certified Non-Toxic, Solvent-free, non-flammable, and totally safe.

Check and tag our social media for inspiration! We are always happy to publish your art-work –Instagram Logo Icon - Download in Gradient Style


Dear customer!

Thank you for choosing our products. We sincerely appreciate your support. We have developed a beginner kit specifically tailored to introduce you to the wonderful world of resin crafting.
We understand that starting something new can sometimes be challenging, and we want to make sure you have a smooth experience. If you come across any areas that are unclear or need further explanation, we would be delighted to hear your feedback. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email at, using the subject line “Beginner Kit.”
Your opinion is important to us, and we value your input in improving our kit for future customers. We are committed to providing the most useful and user-friendly experience for beginners like yourself.
Once again, thank you for choosing our beginner kit. We look forward to assisting you and hearing from you soon.

In your hands our kit which includes the next options:

Epoxy Resin has proportions 2:1 A:B, which means you have to take 2 parts of A and add 1 part of B, For example – 2 cups of A + 1 cup of B; or – 20ml of A + 10ml of B; or – 20gr of A + 10gr of B.
We insistly recommend working in well ventilated area and using protective equipment, like gloves, which you have in your kit!
After mixing you`ll have 30-45 minutes on pouring it into the mould, or any other container of your project. Please, pay your attention, the closely time passed to 30-45`, the higher viscosity your mix becoming.
A couple things, where you must pay attention for getting wonderful results:
1) Resin may become frozen. If you noticed that component A is murky, put the bottle into very hot water for 20 minutes with closed lid. It`ll become clear again! Please, don`t use the frozen epoxy, it may affect the result.
2) Don`t mix large amounts for resin per one time (200-300gr) and leaving that unattended. It`ll get overheating and there is no way to re-use such resin. Also, don`t forget about working time!:)

So, let`s start!
Please, take a clear cup.
We`ll use it for measuring and mixing.
We`ve added 20ml of A and then 10ml of B (30ml in total). Please, pay your attention, the component B has a bit less viscosity and need some accuracy for pouring.
After that mix very well – 2 minutes in one way, 2 minutes in another, scratching the walls for proper mixing. The mix has to become absolutely clear!

When you finished mixing, you can pour the mix into other cups for colouring by your desire!
You don`t need much colourants there, just a small drop. There is a gold rule – the amount of colourants should not exceed 5% from the mix resin/hardener.
Otherwise, it may not to cure fully. We advise adding additives by small portions, checking the result`s density through clear cup. Of course, the colourant has to be mixed well too. Yes, you can use the same stick, clearing that by paper tissue before mixing the new colour.

Time for magic. Mixing several colours in one casting will make your creation a bit more interesting😊 Give a freedom to your imagination!

Wait at least 12h for de-moulding and 24h for the full curing time. The magic happened! Now you can proudly call yourself – RESIN ARTIST😊

Share your results in social media, tagging us – @resinpro_uk ❤️
Epoxy resin  is a complicated technical product, but if you follow the basic rules, you will get wonderful results! Oh, yes, we have a promo code (8%) on your next purchase – “MOJITO”. Thanks for your choice, and if you need any help, just call us – 07596 850968 or email us –


“iCrystal” Transparent Epoxy Resin:
-Mix ratio: 100:50 by weight
-Demould time (1.5 mm at 30 C) [0,03” at 86 F]: 12h 00 ′
-Full catalysis after 24h
-Pot-life (125 gr at 25 C): 45 ′
-Shore hardness – 80Sh
-Temperature resistance – 70C
-Viscosity of part A – 400MPa
-Viscosity of part b – 125MPa
-Mix – 175MPa
-Maximum pouring level: 1.5-2cm*
Minimum thickness – 1.5 mm
* – may vary from the pouring`s conditions (please, read below).
Please, pay your attention, 2cm per application works with small amounts of epoxy. If your mix is more than 1kg, the maximum layer is 1.5cm.if you have not enough experience, we insistly suggest to make a small test before working with large project

For creating 2cm layer with large amount of resin, please, use this type of epoxy 👉🏽 “Transparent“

Main features:
High transparency / Easy mix ratio  / Anti-yellowing filtres / Long working time.

DIY / Coating up to 2 cm / Jewellery settings / Modelling / Artistic creations / Lamination / Adhesive / General coating system / Manual laying / Vacuum forming.

“ICrystal” – Transparent Epoxy Resin FAQs:

Q. What`s the proportions and how to calculate that?
A. The proportions of Transparent Epoxy resin is 100:50 – A:B by weight. You can always check that taking a look at the labels of the bottles – they are always printed there:)
For calculations we suggest using our app – GooglePlay & AppStore.
How to calculate, how much hardener do you need? Take your proportions –JUST AN EXAMPLE – 100:50. Then take the weight of component A and multiply on B, (if 100:50 – A*0.50; if 100:70 – A*0.70; if 100:87 – A*0.87).
So! If you have component A 5kg, and proportions 100:50, your calculation –
5*0.5=2.5kg of component B.

Q. Why epoxy is murky?
A. Epoxy just become frozen during storage/delivery, etc. Please, don`t use that before you de-frost it fully, it may affect the result. Just put the component A into very hot water for 10-15 minutes. Repeat if needed.

Q. What`s the coverage of 1kg?
A. 1kg of mix epoxy+hardener covers area 50*45*0.4mm.
You can use our resin calculator here – 🔮LINK🔮
Or our app – GooglePlay & AppStore.

Q. What`s the volume 1kg resin+hardener?
A. 1kg epoxy resin ~ 1.1l
Just take the weight and multiply at 1.1, you`ll get the volume in litres.

Q. Can I use epoxy at home?
A. Yeap, we recommend working in well ventilated area and use protective cloves and masks.

Q. What to use for colouring?
A. Of course we recommend using our tested pigments and colourants.
With other brands we suggest to make a small test before making large project.
The rules not so many – it has to be NOT water based and without high level of solvents. Please, be sure that the amount of colourants doesn`t exceed 5% from full mix.

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