“TRAY” – A set for your own resin tray


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“TRAY” – A set for painting with resin

The set already includes everything you need to create your own resin tray!

Creative Kit: Create your own resin tray!

This kit contains:

1.66 kg of epoxy resin
Silicone mould “tray” + handles
5 dense dyes

Spread out the plastic tarpaulin to protect the work surface. Make sure that the silicone mould is clean and all materials are at hand. Do not forget to wear disposable gloves and follow the safety instructions.
Mix the epoxy resin according to the mixing ratio Art Pro 100: 66 – by weight) – 180 g A and 119 g B-for a filling thickness of 5 mm. Carefully weigh and mix both components for 3 minutes, making sure that all sides and bottom of the mixing container are included for effective mixing. Let the mixture stand for 2-3 minutes.
Divide the resulting resin into separate containers for each colour you are going to use. Add resin-specific dyes to each container to get the desired shades. Mix thoroughly.
Put the colours in one large container without mixing them, allowing them to stack on top of each other. Pour this mixture in layers into a mould for a dynamic abstract effect. In addition, you can pour each colour into different places of the mould according to your design concept.
After 24 hours, you can remove the resin tray. After another 12-24 hours (the resin reaches full strength), you can make your tray workable by using the screws included in the kit to attach the tray handles. Drill the holes in the tray, then secure the handles with screws.

Geodetic effect-

To get the geode effect when casting, use the layering technique. Divide the mixed resin into separate containers for each colour you are going to use + one part with transparent resin and one white. Start by pouring clear resin into the center of the mould. Then alternate layers of white and transparent resin with coloured resin, allowing them to spread naturally. Finish by adding the last layer of transparent resin for a beautiful 3D effect. Let it harden to reveal a stunning geodesic-inspired design.

Other ideas:

Ocean Art Resin Tray: Capture the beauty of the ocean using different shades of blue and white resin, adding a few shells or a small starfish for an authentic nautical feel.

Real Pressed Flowers: Add real dried flowers or leaves to the resin to create a natural and timeless look.

Gold leaf Accents: Use a gold or metal sheet to add a touch of luxury to your tray.

  • “ART PRO” –Epoxy Resin For Artists & Surface Coating – Medium Viscosity 1.66 kg
  • “TRAY” – Silicone Mould – 30×17cm + 2 handles
  • Dyes (25 ml):
    Lemone yellow
    True red
  • Instructions for working with resin;

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