“COLORSOAP” – Dyes For Handmade Soap – 60gr


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Discover our collection of 4 versatile and safe shades, ideal for making unique and personalised soaps with ease

ColorSoap is the range of dyes for handmade soaps designed for those who want to create personalised soaps with ease and safety. Just add a few drops to the ArtSoap soap base to get the desired shade, both transparent and opaque.

Available in 4 versatile shades, these dyes are dermatologically tested and created to withstand over time, making your decorative soaps long-lasting and charming.


Easy and Ready to use: The product is ready to use; just a few drops in any soap base ensures a homogeneous colour.
Dermatologically tested: ColorSoap dyes are safe for the skin and specific for handmade soaps.

Economical: a pack of 60 g colours up to 3 kg of soap bases.
Resistance over time: The dyes are formulated to hold their colour over time, maintaining the beauty of decorative soaps even in adverse conditions.

Wide range of colours: Available in 4 versatile shades that can be mixed together to obtain unique colours: Caramel, Deep River, Emerald, Mandarin.

Express your creativity and create unique and personalised soaps thanks to the ColorSoap range of dyes.


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