“AROMAS” – Fragrances For Art Soap – 15ml


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Enhance the art of homemade soap with our exclusive Aromas fragrances

Our fragrances of the Aromas line are your perfect ally to create homemade soaps that excite the senses. Designed and produced in Italy, and influenced by the main perfume brands in Italy and throughout Europe, this perfume concentrate is designed to give your soaps a distinctive and long-lasting aroma.


Italian quality: 100% Made in Italy, “Aromas ” a trusted name in the world of fragrances.

Maximum safety: Certified for skin contact and produced 100% in Italy, to ensure safety at every stage of the soap production process.

Guaranteed compatibility: Works perfectly with all types of soaps, from cold soaps to hot soaps, to “melt and pour”.

Easy to use: Ready to be mixed into your soap; just 2% is enough to give your soap an intense and long-lasting scent (but can be used up to 10% to create a decorated bar of soap that perfumes your home)
Available in 3 magnificent fragrances to satisfy every taste.


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