Kit Dry Paper Sanding discs 150mm – 6pcs – p80-p600


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• Dry Sanding discs kit 150mm 6pcs.

• Elevate Your Resin Artistry:
Refine your epoxy resin creations effortlessly with our Dry Sanding Discs 150mm 6pcs Kit. Perfect for resin artists, this kit offers optimal 150mm size, dry sanding for a clean environment, premium abrasive performance, and versatile grit options. Achieve precision and perfection in every project. 👍🏽✨🛠️

The kit includes the next grits by 1pcs – p80; p120; p150; p180; p320; p600
⌀ -150mm; 17-hole

• Dry Sanding paper discs 150mm 6pcs.

The kit includes the next grits by 1pcs – p80; p120; p150; p180; p320; p600

Transform your resin art projects with precision and finesse using our Dry Sanding Discs 150mm 6pcs Kit – the essential companion for epoxy resin artists. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this kit is designed to elevate your creative process and achieve flawless finishes.

💥Key features:
•  Optimal Size: Each sanding disc measures 150mm in diameter, providing ample coverage for efficient and thorough sanding.
•  Dry Sanding Capability: These discs are specifically engineered for dry sanding applications, ensuring a clean and dust-free work environment. The dry sanding process is ideal for epoxy resin artists seeking precise control and minimal mess.
•  Premium Abrasive Material: The discs feature a high-quality abrasive surface, offering consistent and reliable performance. The abrasive material is carefully selected to cater to the unique needs of working with epoxy resin.
•  Kit of 10: Our kit includes 10 sanding discs, providing you with an ample supply to tackle multiple projects. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting, this kit offers durability and value.
•  Versatile Grit Options: The kit includes a range of grit sizes to suit various stages of your resin art project – from initial shaping to fine finishing. Achieve the desired smoothness and texture with ease.
•  Epoxy Resin-Friendly: Engineered with the needs of epoxy resin artists in mind, these sanding discs are gentle on resin surfaces while ensuring efficient material removal. Perfect for refining edges, smoothing imperfections, and achieving a professional finish.

Elevate your resin artistry with the precision and convenience of our Dry Sanding Discs 150mm 6pcs Kit. Unleash your creativity without compromise!

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