ICRYSTAL – Transparent epoxy resin 1.5 kg – 3kg – CRYSTAL CLEAR
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ICRYSTAL – Transparent epoxy resin 1.5 kg – 3kg – CRYSTAL CLEAR



CRYSTAL CLEAR EPOXY RESIN – for DIY Creating jewellery, Works of Art, Crafts, Woodworking and Tables
+ nitrile gloves for FREE and an instruction manual with all the useful tips for a perfect result.

  • ⚙️ 【CRYSTAL CLEAR EPOXY RESIN】 The clear epoxy resin is suitable for both beginners and professionals. Start making jewellery, paintings, and any professional creation that involves the use of resin.
  • 🧪 【HIGH QUALITY】 Crystal clear, No bubbles, Odourless – because of unique formula for DIY, craft and artistic creations. Ideal for casting and embedding objects too. Compatible with silicone, wood, fabric, glass, paper or photographs. Fast completed curing time – 24 h, Demould time is only 10 hours.
  • 🌿 【SAFE AND CERTIFIED】 All our resins are Certified Non-Toxic, Solvent-free, non-flammable, and totally safe.
  • 💧 【EASY TO USE】 The 100:50 mixing ratio makes this product very easy to use. Being a two-component resin, simply mix RESIN A + HARDENER B in the ratio indicated above the package and let it harden without the need for further additives. Can be coloured as desired.
  • 📞 【FREE PROFESSIONAL ASSISTANCE SERVICE] Since we are directly a manufacturer, we have access to a professional laboratory that will happily help you with any complex project.
  • 🇬🇧 【UK BASED TRUSTED COMPANY】 – RESIN-PRO team collect and send your order as fast as possible. We produce and realise epoxy resins since 2015. Just google our social media, where you find thousands of projects made with our products around the world.

Wood-working: Coating, Countertops and Tables, Works of art;
Restoration or surface coating: Wood, Concrete, Ceramics, Canvas, Glass fiber);
DIY: Penny-floors, Jewellery making,  and Dynamic modelling.

✔️ Perfect transparency -> a true liquid crystal
✔️ High scratch resistance – > ideal for tables and floor coverings!
✔️ UV filter for protection against yellowing -> 10 years warranty.
✔️ Heat Resistance (Up to 70C)
✔️ Easy to use – > 100:50 mixing ratio
✔️ Odourless

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Asin: B081X6LZS3
1.5 Kg [52.9Oz] – A + B (1000 GR + 500 GR) [35.3Oz + 17.6 Oz]

3 Kg [105.8Oz] – A + B (2000 GR + 1000 GR) [70.6Oz + 35.3Oz]

+ nitrile gloves for FREE
and an instruction manual with all the useful tips for a perfect result

Technical data:
Mix ratio: 100:50 by weight
Pot-life (125 gr at 25 C): 45 ′
Demould time (1 mm at 30 C) [0,03” at 86 F]: 12h 00 ′
Full catalysis after 24h
Full cure – 7 days (25 C [77 F]).
Shore hardness – 80Sh
Temperature resistance – 70C
Viscosity of part A – 400MPa
Viscosity of part b – 125MPa
Mix – 175MPa

TRANSPARENT EPOXY RESIN 1.5 kg-3kg- New formula-Water effect-Two-component epoxy resin system with high performance for use in thin layers (1 mm) and a thickness of up to 2 cm. In addition to the high transparency (water effect) and the self-levelling properties, it guarantees good mechanical sealing for reinforcements and applications with carbon fiber. The product is characterized by a low viscosity, which reduces the presence of air bubbles after curing and facilitates the impregnation of the carbon fiber. The excellent resistance to ambient humidity guarantees a shiny and transparent surface. The product is compatible with the most important colour pastes available on the market.

Clear epoxy resin is a Two component product based on epoxy resins and relative amine hardener. The main features of this product are:

+ High Transparency

+ excellent mechanical resistance

+ good chemical resistance

+ high impregnation and reinforcement of technical fabrics

+ long workability

+ shiny surface and self-levelling

The product can be dyed with any epoxy dye (both paste and powder) in a percentage from 0.1% to 2.0%.) It can also be thickened with additives such as powders and pyrogenic silica.

These properties make the transparent epoxy resin ideal for the following applications:

Ø Model making

Ø Artistic Creations

Ø Glass Fiber Repair

Ø Outdoor Protective Coatings;

Ø Boat construction

Ø impregnation of technical fabrics (glass fiber, carbon fiber, Kevlar)

Ø Ideal for wood and resin boards (thanks to the excellent performance and an affordable price)

Ø coatings of furniture and surfaces (100% non-toxic)

Ø Artistic creations (paintings, liquid art, petri dish)

Ø Jewellery and fashion

Ideal for designing worktops and furnishings, designer furniture; printed pictures (photographs) cover, making souvenirs, canvases, designer furniture, decorative design elements with the technique of filling various fillers.

2 reviews for ICRYSTAL – Transparent epoxy resin 1.5 kg – 3kg – CRYSTAL CLEAR

  1. Silvia

    very nice epoxy, but I would prefer your transparente one

    • admin

      Hi, Silvia! Thanks for your kind words:)

  2. Julie Oldham

    Easy to use 2:1 ratio, heatproof for making coasters or candle holders, dries crystal clear takes colours well, mica powders, ink, acrylic paint, glitter. There are lots of videos on you tube on how to make different things, how to add different things into the resin.

    • admin

      Hi, Julie ! Thanks for your kind words:)

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