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“KLEBFIX” – Two-Component Fast Epoxy Glue – 2K – 25gr

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"KLEBFIX" - Two-Component Fast Epoxy Glue - 2K - 25gr Purchase & earn 23 points!£22.85

(Inc. 20% VAT)

(£18.28 - Exc. VAT)

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2-K Transparent epoxy glue – 5 min

indoor / outdoor & universal: a must for professional bonding. Our perfect two-component adhesive for indoor and outdoor use. It can be used for a wide variety of materials and surfaces such as plastic, glass, metal, wood and many more.
5 MIN & MAXIMUM ADHESIVE STRENGTH: The core of a strong adhesive! After only 5 minutes, our epoxy resin adhesive has an extremely strong manual force, which leads to an incredibly high final strength of the 2k adhesive after appropriate hardening.

EASY DOSING: Simple 1:1 mixing ratio by gently pressing the double chamber syringe. This allows the epoxy to slide evenly over the material. Because our glue is heat resistant and waterproof, it offers you great added value.
BPA FREE & TRANSPARENT – Our epoxy resin is transparent. Glue objects in such a way that no color residue from the glue remains visible. Even the mixing of dyes does not place limits on creativity. Strong adhesive with safety in mind, also available BPA-free.
MAXIMUM STORAGE-Use only the amount you need. Instead of letting leftovers age and harden in drawers, seal the tube and both components remain unmixed for maximum use!- Convinced? Buy now!

Advantages of Two-component Epoxy Resin Adhesive
Extreme strength and resistance to thermal and mechanical influences

Resistant to most aggressive substances and oils

Available solvent free and BPA free

It hardens even under water

Compatible with a wide range of additives such as dyes and accelerators

Expedited Potlife

Application – BestPractice

At room temperature (15-30 C
The mixing ratio of the two components of 1: 1 is maintained automatically. Do not apply below 5 C outdoor temperature. The higher the ambient temperature, the more effectively the material polymerizes. This means that resistance increases at higher temperatures.

It is recommended to have a cloth ready for cleaning. In addition, care must be taken that the work surface is protected and can be cleaned directly if necessary.

The surface should be slightly roughened, because only then is the epoxy adhesive guaranteed to bond well with the material. To do this, you can sand or file the surface.

To spread the sticker, a piece of cardboard or plastic is useful. After use, clean the tube so that the lid does not stick, and then close it tightly. The thickness of the adhesive should be thin enough (0.1-0.2 mm), but if necessary it can be thicker.

The parts to be glued must be clean and free of oil and grease. Apply the adhesive on one side and join and press the parts to be glued. The potlife is about 5 minutes, good endurance is achieved after about 10-12 minutes, and total endurance after about 24 hours.

Pot life is limited in time and describes the maximum working time of the uncured adhesive. Once the pot life has passed, the adhesive not yet applied must not be further processed, but must be disposed of!

Until the manual force is reached, the binding must be additionally fixed, for example, with the help of a vice, adhesive tape or clamp.

In the case of heat-assisted polymerisation, the temperature resistance of the joined parts must be guaranteed. In addition, the heating and cooling times of the parts to be joined must be respected. This time must be added to the curing time of the adhesive. Tension can occur in the glued joint during heating and cooling.

With materials such as PP, PE, PTFE or silicone, the parts need to be pretreated with our primer.

The need for a primer depends on the surface tension. If this is high enough it can be tested with water droplets on the surface. If the drops adhere well to the surface, a good bond is most likely. If the drops slip away, a primer is probably needed.


There are several ways to mix the two components:

– Mixing by hand

– Use of a static mixing nozzle

– Use of a dynamic mixing nozzle

Hand mixing is sufficient in most cases. For this purpose, a toothpick or similar is used and the two components are mixed until a cloudy mass is formed. Make sure that no bubbles remain.

When using a static mixing nozzle, the mixing of both components takes place inside the mixing nozzle so that the mixing is ideal. The first 2g should be discarded, given they are not yet mixed 1:1. However, the mixing nozzle can only be used until the adhesive in the mixing nozzle has dried. After that, you will need a new nozzle.


With a dynamic mixing nozzle, the speed of the mixer can be controlled electronically. This allows you to control the mixing intensity very precisely. However, this is intended for special industrial applications and is not necessary for everyday use.

The adhesive is chemically cured. This gives the advantage that gluing the surface is also possible, where adhesives that harden with moisture take a very long time.

The bond is high strength and densely flexible. Thus, permanent resistance can be guaranteed in the event of shocks and vibrations. The use of the polymerised adhesive is also possible at high temperatures (up to about 120C), for a short time (30 min) up to 200C

The polymerised adhesive has good resistance to physical (e.g. sunlight) or chemical (moisture, detergents, chemicals, etc.) influences.

The great advantage of two-component epoxy adhesive is the fact that it hardens even under water and is robust. In addition, it is mouldable, so it can be inserted into any recess to fit.


Technical data

Epoxy Resin                              Hardener Base (amine mixture)
Viscosity High                           Viscosity
Transparent                               Color
Density                                        1.1 g / ml

Gap filling capacity                  3mm
Temperature resistance          -40 up to +120 C
Pot Life                                         5 min
Hand resistance                         10-12 min
Final endurance                         24 hours
Shore hardness                           60
Tensile shear strength               10 N / mm2
Module                                          E 620 N / mm2

Nick Booth
Nick Booth
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Always prompt and accurate delivery, have phoned a couple of times to receive great tech advice, has a good range of ancillary products, cheers for all the help from Nick at Mackerel Works 👋
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Reddit stop being knobheads and fact-check before review bombing, this is someone’s livelihood who had nothing to do with that truck image!
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Mark Main
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James Rice
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Great service

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