• 3D Store Padova Srl Via Sorio, 102 A, 35141, Padova PD
  • La coccinella scuola d’arte di Katia Senes
  • Tecno Wood Srl Via Ettore d’amore 26, 73012,  Came Salentina, Lecce (LE)
  • R.B. Models di Parente Bruna Via Vallazze, 20, 20131, Milano, MI
  • Affilautensili Manzanese SAS DI Minin Roberto & C. Via della Roggia, 34, 33044, Manzano UD
  • Le Bimbi di Vecchi Elis, Via Canala, 259, 48124, Ravenna RA
  • Colorficio Bazzani Snc di Pozzoli Pietro & C. Via Taverna Giuseppe 38, 29121, Piacenza PC
  • Make Your Style di Benendi Giada Via dell’Agricoltura 2/A, 40053, Castello di Serravalle BO
  • Cardigliano legnami srl Via provinciale per Surano, 10, 73038, Spongano, LE, https://www.cardiglianolegnami.com/, tel. 0836 945886
  • Velfer Snc, Via Don Guanella, 45/A, 23020, Mese SO
  • Qwick Srl, Via Sarnico, 5, 24060, San Paolo d’Argon, BG
  • SVE TO D.O.O. ArtPoint  10040 Zagreb – Croatia info@dipauto.hr +385993089099 CRO, +385917260772 ENG
  • Polyester Van Damme Sprl,  Rue de l’Informatique 9/C,  BE- 4460  Grace-Hollogne
  • Il Rifugio delle Artiste di Vasi Giulia e C dnc, Via Isaac Newton, 74, 48124, Ravenna, RA
  • Studio 82 Srl, Via Nicolo Tommeseo.1 . 20871, Vimercate MB
  • Loov interjöör OÜ Räpina mnt 7c, Võru linn E-mail: info@loovinterjoor.eu
  • Mr Resin Ltd, 8 Sandtoft Gateway, Sandtoft Road, Doncaster DN9 1FA
  • RESINPRO SASU  n° 4 Allée du Marais de Condé 60510 Rochy-Condé France
  • RESINAS PROFESIONALES ESPANA S.L. Carrer de Sant Miquel de Toudell, número 15 del Poligon Industrial Can Mir de Viladecavalis, (Barcelona) 08232 ESPAÑA
  • LITUANIA – RESIN SHOP https://resinshop.lt/  – Vilnius, LietuvaPhone +37060226135 e-mail info.resinshop@gmail.com
  • KUWAIT – DIY EPOXY SUPPLIES www.diyepoxykw.com – Tunis Street Saleh Al-Mutawa Complex, CBK Building 30000 – Phone +965 6642 2317 – Instagram: diy_epoxy
  • Lempäälä/Finland – Emalia company – Raunilankuja 33880 – +358451215515 info@emalia.fi www.emalia.fi

Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania – Loov interjöör OÜ
Käbi tn6, Võru,
Estonia Phone: +372 515 4146
e-mail: info@loovinterjoor.eu

Ukraine (Україна) – EpoxyMart
Phone: 098824-0-8-0-8
e-mail: info@epoxymart.com.ua

Russia – Art Smola
Shosse Entuziastov, 10/2 , Mosca, Russia
Phone: 8-800-551-90-35
E-mail: info@art-smola.ru


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Becoming a ResinPro Distributor means being part of a solid company, spreading the quality of excellent Italian production and sharing our passion for the world of Artistic Innovation.

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