Interference metallic pigment “Sahara Space” 10 gr 5 colors

Interference metallic pigment “Sahara Space” 10 gr 5 colors


Metallic interference pigments in 4 colors to choose from

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4 interference pigments for epoxy jewelry and Resin Art 🙂

In the bottle, the colors do not look as saturated as when added to the resin – examples of work and the real color of the pigment can be found on the main photo in the photo gallery of the product.

Luminous pigments are made by grinding real metals.

Blue and Gold are included in the Sahara and Sahara Holiday Pigment Kits, so if you’ve already bought these kits, you probably won’t need interference pigments.

Each package is equipped with a convenient dispenser and a protective cap.

Color saturation can be varied by the amount of pigment used.

We remind you that when working with epoxy resin, it is allowed to add pigments in an amount of no more than 5% of the total mass of the mixture.



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