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“Toxic-Free Bicomponent Polyurethane Resin PolyForm – Ready in 5 minutes – Quality at the Best Price!
Innovate faster: introducing POLYFORM: your resin for excellence in rapid prototyping!

✔️ Unleash creativity – dive into the realm of rapid prototyping with our highly fluid polyurethane casting resin, tailor-made for the modeling and automation industries.

✔️From idea to reality – create prototypes with precision using silicone molds and POLYFORM resin. Test, innovate, and perfect your projects with mass production.

✔️ Improve with ease – experience uniformity, shine, and resilience in just 2 minutes. POLYFORM effortlessly brings your artistic creations to life.

✔️ Beyond boundaries – with its high Shore A hardness, POLYFORM enables rapid prototyping in model making and automation. It’s your secret to exceptional precision.

✔️Various applications – from foundry models requiring wear resistance to negatives, casting, and even thermoforming, POLYFORM is your versatile solution.

✔️ Safe and protected – with a toxicity certification, POLYFORM ensures that your creations are as safe to handle as they are innovative.

✔️ Have questions? As direct manufacturers, we provide professional support: for any inquiries, contact our dedicated support team for expert assistance and advice.

✔️ Start prototyping today! Embrace the power of POLYFORM for your next project.”

💥 Bestseller for:

–Prototyping:Polyurethane resin is frequently employed for rapid prototyping in industries such as automotive, medical, product design, and more. Its quick curing time and high casting precision make it ideal for efficiently producing test prototypes;

Thanks to its high durability and the ability to replicate intricate details, polyurethane resin is used in art and design for creating models. This includes artistic sculptures, architectural prototypes, and decorative elements;

Small Batch Production:The “vacuum casting” technique with polyurethane resin enables cost-effective and rapid production of small batches of items with high detail. This is useful for manufacturing limited quantities of products with consistent characteristics;

Repair and Restoration:Polyurethane resin can be employed for the restoration and repair of various materials, including wood, stone, plastic, and metal. It is used to fill cracks, create missing components, or restore surfaces;

Manufacturing Seals and Components: Due to its chemical resistance and high wear resistance, polyurethane resin is widely used in the production of seals, including rubber seals, gaskets, and components for automobiles and industrial machinery;

Creative Projects:Artists and craftsmen use polyurethane resin for a wide range of creative projects, including art installations, decorative items, unique shapes, and even jewelry.



PolyForm, our cutting-edge polyurethane casting resin, is a high-performance solution designed for rapid prototyping in the modeling and automation industries. With a carefully formulated blend that boasts high fluidity and a remarkable Shore A hardness of 100, PolyForm empowers you to bring your creative visions to life with precision and efficiency.

Key Features:

Versatile Application: PolyForm is ideal for a wide range of applications, from creating detailed models to automating production processes. Its adaptability makes it a valuable asset in various industries.

Rapid Prototyping: Craft prototypes with ease using silicone molds and PolyForm resin. These prototypes serve as crucial tools for pre-processing, strength testing, and dimensional analysis before moving on to mass production.

Vacuum Casting Technique: Explore the “Vacuum casting” technique with PolyForm, enabling the production of small series of objects with identical mechanical, aesthetic, and dimensional properties to the final product.

Quick Curing: Experience a fast pot life of 3 minutes and a maturation time of 30 minutes, allowing you to work efficiently and bring your ideas to life in a short span.

Non-Toxic Certification: PolyForm is certified non-toxic for skin contact post-catalysis, ensuring the safety of handling the artifacts created with this resin.

Technical Specifications:

Viscosity: 70 mPa*s
Weight Ratio A/B: 90/100
Color: Beige
Usage Guidelines:

Not suitable for coloring with dyes

Do not use at temperatures below 8-10°C.
Wear gloves and protective eyewear during mixing and application.
Clean tools with epoxy or nitro thinner.
Dispose of packaging following local regulations.
PolyForm is your reliable partner for bringing innovation to your projects. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, PolyForm delivers exceptional results, providing the precision and reliability you need for your creative endeavors.

Start creating with PolyForm today!



 Download Non toxicity Certificate

+ Viscosity – 70 mPa*s,
+ Pot Life – 3 min;
+ Maturation – 30 min;
+ Weight ratio A / B – 90/100;
+ Hardness – 100 Shore A

+ Colour – beige.

Here is new video from Steve who made some tests of our Polyurethane resins –


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