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Do you love the idea of making your own functional art pieces? Resin is the perfect material to create functional art, whether it is a small coaster or a big center table.

In this course, learn how to work with resin and create beautiful coasters, trays and bowls. Explore the different possibilities to color resin. Learn how to shape semi-cured resin to create beautiful folded bowls.

Meet Sherry, artist and founder of Sherry’s Imagination and your teacher for this course.

Get an overview of materials and safety equipment needed for the course and see how to prepare your workspace. Sherry explains the different types of resin and how to know which one is best to work with.Together we embark on an entertaining journey into the wonderful world of resin (epoxy resin)

and experience the fascinating properties of this material. We’ll have coasters and a serving tray cast – and of course you can try it out and create your own personal work of art.

In this class you will learn how to get “Web Effect” as well as when and how to shape your bowl for a perfect result. Almost all the materials are from “ResinPro”.


Learn how to mix and pour resin correctly and at the right temperature. Explore different kinds of molds and how to choose the best one for your design. Discover the different methods to color your resin according to your color palette. See how to add decorative elements into your design. Then, learn when to demold pieces to shape.


What is this course’s project?

Creating a set of coasters, tray and bowl. Using simple yet elegant technique.


Who is this online course for?

Anyone that wants to learn how to work with resin or is a DIY enthusiast.

Requirements and materials

No previous experience is necessary.

To take this course, you need epoxy resin, silicone molds, Resin pastes, glitter, a thermometer, mixing buckets, protective equipment like a mask and gloves, among other things.

Sunday 14th August – Start at 10:00 till 12:00

Course program:

1 part: theory

– How to choose the most suitable resin and colors for your project

– How to incorporate objects in resin and obtain the most glamorous colors

– Color the Resin. How to dose the dyes and which ones give the best effects. You will learn how to create amazing effects with Resin pastes.

Part 2: practice

First casting.

– how to avoid the most common mistakes that risk ruining the whole job

– Step by Step explanation on how to prevent all possible mistakes to avoid them.

Part 3:

Demolding and shaping.

– when to demold and how to shape your bowl/tray.

Part 4:

Finishing – how to top coat coasters, trays and bowls.

Answers to further questions from attendees. The master and Resin Pro technicians will be available to answer any of your questions and resolve any doubts.


Release of Resin Pro certification and of all the slides that show the Step by Step procedure of what was seen during the course.


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