“CARBON RESIN” – Epoxy Resin For Coating Carbon Fiber & Fiberglass

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Resin for Carbon Fibre/Fibreglass: Resistance and Excellent Impregnation Capacity!
Resin for Carbon Fibre and Glass: the ideal material for high quality machining

Are you looking for a high quality resin for your work in carbon fibre, composites, technical fabrics or modelling? The Resin for Carbon Fibre and Glass is the one for you! This high quality product guarantees a perfect impregnation of the fabrics, ensuring a perfect structural integrity of your products. In addition, its particular formulation makes it extremely resistant to shocks and long-lasting, guaranteeing maximum safety in use. Discover all the advantages of this product and start working with maximum precision and quality now!

Here are some of its Advantages:

Impact resistance and durability: the Resin for Carbon Fibre and Glass has been formulated to ensure a long life over time, while maintaining its characteristics even in the event of shocks or mechanical efforts.
Easy impregnation: this resin ensures perfect adhesion to fabrics and easy impregnation, making the processing fast and efficient and reducing the number of bubbles
Gloss: The Resin for Carbon Fibre and Glass ensures a smooth and shiny finish, ideal for obtaining a perfectly even and professional-looking surface.
Quality: This resin has been developed with high quality materials, ensuring professional and long-lasting results.
Buy now the Resin for Carbon Fibre and Glass and discover all its amazing features. Work with the upmost precision and quality, obtaining professional and long-lasting results!

The Resin for Lamination with Carbon Fibre and Glass Fibre is a product formulated to ensure maximum mechanical strength and a perfect impregnation of the technical fabric. Its epoxy formulation allows an application at room temperature and guarantees a glossy and moisture resistant surface.

Available quantities:
775 gr (500 gr of component A + 275 gr of component B).
1550 gr (1000 gr of component A + 550 gr of component B)
3.1 kg (2000 gr of component A + 1100 gr of component B)


Use ratio 100: 55 (by weight)
Viscosity: Medium (300-400 cps at 25 C
Yellowing: low (Gardner 1)
Mechanical properties: very high
Gel time (1mm 30C film): 1h00 ‘ -1h30’
Pot life (100g at 25C°

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