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“UV-CREATION” – Fast Acrylic Resin – 3 Minutes


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• “UV-CREATION” – Fast Acrylic Resin – 3 Minutes. Revolutionize your jewellery making with UV-CREATION acrylic resin! Only a couple of minutes under uv-lamp and your creation is ready!

Time-efficient formula made for giving you the best results:
Fast curing time  -> 2-3 minutes under uv-lamp for getting ready.
✔️ Glossy and crystal clear finish
✔️ Non toxic & odourless
✔️ Non yellowing for ages
✔️ Cruelty Free, Vegan Friendly🐹

💥About “UV-CREATION” – Fast Acrylic Resin – 3 Minutes:
Introducing our UV Resin, a versatile and high-quality solution for all your hand crafting needs. UV resin is an acrylic gel that dries under the influence of the rays of a UV torch or UV lamp in a short time – 3-5 minutes.  The difference between this resin and epoxy resin is in its one–component nature (it does not require mixing two different components; it is ready for use), in a small filling thickness (applied in thin layers 3 mm thick) and in a high curing rate (only 3-5 minutes under UV rays).

💥 Bestseller for:
Artistic Creations: Ideal for creating stunning resin art pieces, jewellery, and decorative items.
DIY Projects: Perfect for a wide range of DIY projects, including encapsulating objects, and crafting personalized gifts.
Crafting and Modelling: Explore its versatility in crafting, modelling, and various creative pursuits.

💥Key features:
✔️ Fast curing time: No more waiting: Create instantly – UV-CREATION is your ultimate crafting companion for fast, hassle-free creations. Say goodbye to long catalysis times and welcome instant results! Only a couple of minutes under uv-lamp and your creation is ready!
✔️ Maximum hardness, maximum shine: Our new formula guarantees first-rate hardness and a clear, glossy finish that is second to none.
✔️ Time-efficient formula: UV-CREATION’s innovative formula ensures surfaces are no longer sticky after curing, saving time and material.
✔️ Non toxic: Experience the joy of creating in freedom. Our acrylic and non-toxic materials ensure that your jewellery and decorative items are safe and spectacular.

-The curing time depends on the thickness of the layer or the amount of dye added to the gel. You can use lamps with a power of 3w, 9w and 36w. The main thing is that the wavelength of the lamp is 365nm -405nm.
-The recommended application layer is 3 mm. You can apply 2-3 layers of 3 mm, drying each layer well with UV light before applying the next one. It is not recommended to use the product for castings with a thickness of more than 3 mm in one approach.
-UV resin can be painted with dry pigments and liquid pigments, glitter and other decorative elements can be added. Alcohol ink is not suitable for UV resin staining.

👉🏽How to use 👈🏽

  1.  Clean the silicone mould or metal resin base with acetone/alcohol. If you are working with a metal mould base, place it on a film (a regular file/cover or our Shiny Shield film).
  2. If you want to colour the UV resin, then squeeze a small amount of resin onto the film and add a drop of dye or pigment to it, and mix well. Resin staining can even be done directly in a silicone mould or metal base. Don’t add too much dye! You can also mix sequins and other decorative elements into the resin at this stage.
  3.  Smooth the resin with a toothpick or a thin spatula within the mould.
  4. Keep the UV lamp turned on at a distance of 1-2 cm from the product for 2-5 minutes, directing the light at the product.

If the product has a width of more than 5 mm, it is necessary to turn the product over and continue exposure to UV rays for another 3 minutes, or to achieve the desired width by creating several layers. Each layer should be well dried.

If the product remains slightly sticky, hold the flashlight longer or leave it in a dry, warm place for several hours until it dries completely.

UV lamp copes with drying much better than a flashlight. 👍🏽


✔️It is recommended to work with the material using personal protective equipment: gloves, a respirator mask and protective glasses.

✔️Store the product with the cap tightly closed in a dark and dry place out of the reach of children.

✔️Work with the material by children under 18 years of age is allowed only in the presence of parents or other responsible persons and only when the child uses personal protective equipment for the skin, respiratory organs and eyes.

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