How to avoid epoxy resin overheating in summer

How to avoid epoxy resin overheating in summer

Summer time is not only a time for grilled meat on the barbeque, trips to the seaside and evening walks, it is also the season of a huge number of complaints about the overheating of epoxy resin.

We remind you the main points on how to avoid this:

  1. Do not mix a large amount of resin at one time! If it is more than 1 kg, you have no more than 4 minutes to mix and pour directly. It is better to mix several times, but with a smaller amount, than to overheat the resin and potentially throw away a lot of money.
  2. During the summer period, we do not recommend excessive use of heat guns, hair dryers, and so on.
  3. If you are doing a large project (more than 100 cm), pour the fill in several layers, even if a layer of up to 5 cm is indicated on the jar. It’s better to spend more time than to throw away a ruined project.
  4. It is better to work in the evening, when the sun goes down and the evening coolness appears.
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