Amine blush: what causes it and how to deal with it?

Amine blush: what causes it and how to deal with it?

Today we will talk about one of the most unpleasant phenomena for a resin artist – amine blush.
This cunning little “beast” appears at the most awkward moment and spoils your work, deadlines are missed and nerves are lost 🙁

Let’s take a look at what causes this defect!⠀

Causes of the phenomenon

1. High humidity is the most common factor. It is not recommended to work with resin in high humidity conditions, as well as during rain, fog with open windows and near water bodies. Ideally, you should work in a dry and warm, closed but ventilated area at a humidity of no more than 30-40%.

2. Low temperature. This factor also often causes the amine blush. It is recommended to work with resin and leave it to cure at a temperature even higher that average room one (for example, near heaters). Acceptable temperature range: +22 to +27 °C.

3. The use of dyes and additives (water-based dyes can’t be used with resin!), sprays and alcohols for deaeration. Always be careful with the additives you use for the first time: it is always advisable to test with a small amount of resin first to see the reaction of the material to a particular agent.

4. The use of large gas heat guns with replaceable gas cylinders. These burners emit more carbon dioxide during using, which can also cause an amine blush to appear on the resin product. It is recommended to use small hand torches/heat guns: they are both more convenient and safer.

5. The material you are coating with epoxy resin is wet. Even if you cleaned the base from dust with wet wipe, you must wait until the surface is completely dry. This also applies to paintings that you cover with resin: the paint must be completely dry, otherwise (especially in the case of water-based acrylic paints) you risk getting the blush on the resin layer.

6. One of the common causes is also poor mixing of the resin: a hardener that is not thoroughly mixed with the resin is more susceptible to the influence of a humid environment, and, as a result, the chance of blush ruining your work is greatly increased.

What can you do if high humidity or low temperatures are frequent guests in your area?

How to deal with it?

1. Equip the workshop with air conditioning or use other methods to control the temperature and humidity in the room.

2. Use a pre-catalysis technique or work with resin and leave it to cure near heat sources. The pre-catalysis technique consists in leaving the mixed resin in the container until it becomes warm, and then you ca pour it: this way the humidity or low air temperature will be less likely to spoil your work.

What to do if the blush has already appeared?

If you find this defect on the creation, do not worry – your project can be saved.
And here’s how:

  1. Sand the surface of the project with fine grit sandpaper to remove the blush.
  2. Polish the surface with polish cream to give it a glossy effect, or create a new thin layer of clear resin using the technique above (pre-catalysis) – it will adhere well to a lightly sanded surface.

Special thanks to the authors @sea_waves_decor@demina_kate_art for their help in writing the post and to the author @yeti_feti for advice concerning gas burners ❤️


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    Thank you all for the great advice on this issue. I’m much more confident with using resin and deal with most issues easily. I love resin pro and am a regular customer and hope to be sharing all that I’ve been creating with it.

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