Can you put hot items on epoxy resin?

Can you put hot items on epoxy resin?

The world of epoxy resin creations is not limited to decorations and resin art; it is also an excellent material for making coasters, trays and countertops. And it would be great if you could put your favorite mug with a hot drink on them 🙂

Is the resin resistant to hot objects?

Most classic resins can withstand the temperature of objects up to 70 ° C so in theory, a warm mug or plate can be placed on a beautiful resin coaster. However, no one is likely to measure the temperature of the dishes before serving, as we’re sure you will agree – as a result, very hot objects will leave a noticeable melted mark on the creation. The prospect is not the most pleasant, but what can be done?

The solution is heat-resistant coating

Can you put hot items on epoxy resin?

The best way to protect resin surface is to create a thin layer of heat–resistant coating over it. Moreover, this coating also protects resin against scratches and non-critical damage and has enhanced UV filter against yellowing.

If you are working with our Heat Pro product, in order to get a glossy coating without bubbles, it must be applied to a transparent layer of epoxy resin – if the coating is applied to a painted item or any other material (for example, an acrylic drawing), then there is a chance that Heat Pro will react with dyes or other additives in the product, and because of this, bubbles may appear on the coating.

Don’t be afraid to put hot dishes on a tray with a heat-resistant coating, and all minor damage and scratches simply disappear. But keep in mind, such a layer is not safe for serving food or snacks – for this purpose it is better to use “EpoxyFood” – a transparent resin with a certificate for safe contact with cold food.

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