How to Colour Resin

How to Colour Resin

Whether you’re a novice in the creative world or a seasoned resin professional, the ability to add vibrant and unique colours to your resin projects opens the door to endless creative possibilities. In this article, we will explore various resin colouring options, providing practical tips on achieving impeccable results.

Resin Colours Types

Resin offers a versatile canvas for creativity, and choosing the right colours is crucial to achieving your desired effects. Let’s delve into some popular colouring options:

Pigment Paste

Pigment pastes are a popular choice for epoxy resin colouring. With a wide range of colours available, these pastes offer a high concentration of pigment, resulting in intense and vibrant hues. Perfect for projects that require precise colour dosing, these pastes can be added drop by drop.

MICA Powder Colours

mica resin colours
resin colours

Known for their brilliance and luminosity, MICA powders add an elegant touch to transparent epoxy resin projects, creating unique three-dimensional effects. The versatility of MICA colours allows for both subtle tones and more intense effects, depending on the quantity used, measured in grams.

Alcohol Inks

Ideal for those seeking a translucent and delicate effect, alcohol inks blend seamlessly with epoxy resin, creating captivating shades. They are particularly suitable for projects that involve special techniques, such as the Petri Dish method.

Glass Effect Colours

Specifically designed to give resin a transparent and crystalline appearance, glass effect colours are perfect for projects where transparency is essential, such as creating jewellery or art pieces that mimic glass or water.

How to Colour Resin: Dosage and Mixing

Proper colour dosage is essential for optimal results with epoxy resin. Before starting, carefully follow the mixing instructions provided on the resin packaging. Gradually add the chosen pigment, stirring meticulously to avoid clumps. Always test the mixture on a small amount of resin before applying it to your main work to ensure you achieve the desired colour.

Resin Colours: Creative Inspiration

  • Custom Jewellery: experiment with vibrant colours and unique effects to create original and personalised jewellery pieces.
  • River Tables: use bright or metallic colours to achieve stunning combinations with your favorite wood, adding a touch of luxury to your furniture creations.
  • Creative Effects: try creating colour effects such as the Marble Effect or Ocean Art, but remember to use a highly viscous resin for these techniques.

Mastering the use of colour in resin creations opens up a world of creative possibilities. Experiment with different types of colourants to discover what suits your style and projects best. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and conduct small tests before applying the mixture to your main works. Visit our website to explore a wide range of colourants and find inspiration for your upcoming artistic projects.

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