How to make your own silicone mould in 5 steps

How to make your own silicone mould in 5 steps

The world of epoxy resin is vast and endlessly inspiring. However, if you’re eager to craft something truly exceptional, look no further. Introducing our silicone mold pastes from the “Igum” product line by Resin Pro – your shortcut to effortless and rapid creativity. Embrace a world of less talk and more tangible results with our innovative products!

Completely non-toxic silicone rubber “IGUM” in paste to be directly applied onto the model you want to replicate. Prior to using, it should be mixed with its catalyst paste (in equal parts, 1: 1) until you have a homogeneous mixture. Due to its non-stick performance on all surfaces, you don’t need to wash the tools after use and it is not necessary to apply other release agents to the model.
Let`s do your unique mould together:)

1) Take a small amount of paste from the jar with component “A”, seal it by rolling the ball. Weigh it.

2) Form a ball of the same volume and weight using the “B” component.

3) Mix component A and component “B” until a homogeneous mass of colour is obtained.

4) Press the copied product into the silicone, apply the silicone directly to the product or create the mold yourself. For example (in the case of using silicone as a rim for cup holders and trays), you can mold the shape with your fingers, attach it (stick it yourself) to the base film / plexiglass and give it a smooth and glossy surface using a smooth product (for example, a lid from a jar with silicone).

5) Leave the mould until it hardens completely – 25 minutes.

Choose your type!
Fast silicone rubber “IGum Fast” – working time 5 minutes, full curing time – 30 minutes.
Slow silicone rubber “IGum Yellow” – working time 20 minutes, full curing time – 2 hours.
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