Let`s add more colours to your life!

Let`s add more colours to your life!

The world of epoxy resin art offers endless possibilities for creativity, letting artists use a wide range of colors and effects.

Resin Pro has been a part of the epoxy scene since 2015, gaining valuable experience to provide the best solutions for resin artists. Beyond the usual clear casting and pouring, artists often want to add vibrant colors to their projects. Whether it’s resin art, ocean-inspired pieces, geode creations, practical coasters, or large river tables, these projects need special attention when it comes to adding color.

In this article, we’ll explore simple and effective ways to colour epoxy resin, making your resin art journey more colourful and enjoyable.

“COLOURFUN” – Liquid Epoxy Resin Colourant – 25-100ml

What Sets “Colourfun” Apart as the Ultimate Resin Colorant?

“Colourfun” takes the crown as the top choice when it comes to resin colorants. It has been meticulously crafted with one primary goal in mind – to elevate the vibrancy and depth of resin art. A remarkable feature that makes it shine is its seamless compatibility with ResinPro resins, ensuring that your resin retains its natural glossy finish. Additionally, “Colourfun” boasts incredible pigmentation, allowing a little to go a long way in enhancing your artistic creations. Importantly, we’ve made sure to avoid the use of harmful solvents, making your resin experience more enjoyable. It’s odour-free, cruelty-free, and vegan-friendly. What more could we ask for, right? 😄

“SAHARA” – Mica Powder Pigment

Our second most popular colorant product is the Sahara Mica powder, and it’s your go-to choice when you want to add extra sparkle to your resin art project.

When using Sahara Mica powder, it’s absolutely essential to ensure thorough mixing for the best results. Failing to do so might lead to incomplete dissolution of the powder, potentially resulting in a gritty texture in your resin art.

Sahara Mica powder’s metallic pigments create a luxurious and mesmerizing pearlescent effect, elevating the beauty of your resin art. However, it’s worth noting that these metallic pigments can settle at the bottom of your resin, which may affect the desired swirling patterns. To maintain those intricate swirls, consider pouring the metallic pigments as the final layer, gently on top of a previously cured layer of resin. This approach helps preserve the captivating interplay of metallic shades in your artwork.

One last thing to keep in mind is that Sahara Mica powder is very lightweight and can disperse easily, so we recommend adding it gently and avoiding inhaling it deeply. Your safety is our priority.

“JACQUARD PIÑATA” Ink Blast Effect Alcohol-based

The world of alcohol ink is vast and brimming with artistic potential. It’s no wonder that resin artists have discovered innovative ways to incorporate this colorant into epoxy resin.

One of the most popular techniques involving alcohol inks is “Petri-dish art.” This method entails dropping the ink into high-viscosity resin, creating a mesmerizing “burst” effect. This captivating process results in the emergence of enchanting tendrils and whimsical squiggles that appear to be suspended in time, frozen in their delicate dance.

Simultaneously, alcohol inks provide an excellent means of achieving semi-transparent resin, which exudes a clear and vibrant appearance, reminiscent of precious gemstones. This unique attribute adds a touch of elegance and allure to your resin creations.

Are there any rules to follow when using colorants for resin? Yes, but they are quite simple.

  1. The amount of colorant should not surpass 5% of the total resin/hardener mixture.
  2. Ensure that the colorant is not water-based, such as acrylics, and does not contain excessive solvents.
  3. Can you cover an acrylic painting with clear epoxy resin? Absolutely, as long as the acrylic layer is completely dry.
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