More resin = less pollution

More resin = less pollution

If your work with resin is not limited to one small kit, or you are used to buying for future use, we can offer you bulk kits of resin at attractive prices: purchasing them motivates us to buy fewer small bottles, which reduces plastic consumption and makes our world cleaner.

Resins for countertops, furniture and castings up to 2 cm thick

Resins for countertops, furniture and castings up to 5 cm thick

Resins for Resin Art, coasters, trays and etc

Remember to dispose of empty plastic containers at an appropriate recycling collection points after curing the resin and hardener residues!


  1. Sam Milton

    Hi, I use your art pro resin for making resin pieces ie coasters, resin plates, trays etc all the time, is your art pro for pour paint/floors the same product but just in a bigger container?

    1. Hello! Thanks for your request. Yes, you`re right. There are the same products:)

  2. Very nice write-up. I definitely appreciate this site. Thanks!

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