What Epoxy Resin to Choose for Deep Pours?

What Epoxy Resin to Choose for Deep Pours?


Epoxy resins are essential in various creative and functional projects, from crafting small lamps to amazing wood and resin tabletops. Choosing the right epoxy resin for deep pours is crucial to achieving a high-quality, durable, and visually appealing result. This article will guide you through the characteristics of the ideal epoxy resin for deep pours and introduce three exceptional products tailored for different pouring depths.

Characteristics of the Best Epoxy Resin for Deep Pours

  1. Crystal Clear Clarity: For projects like tabletops and countertops where aesthetics are paramount, a crystal clear resin ensures that your work has a pristine, glass-like finish.
  2. Strong Yellowing Resistance: Over time, exposure to UV light can cause yellowing. High-quality resins incorporate UV stabilizers to maintain their clarity and appearance.
  3. Smooth and Perfect Surface: The ability to cure to a smooth, bubble-free surface is essential for professional-looking results. This means minimal sanding and polishing post-cure.
  4. High-Thickness Pours without Overheating: Deep pours generate significant heat as they cure, which can lead to cracks and imperfections. The ideal resin should allow for thick pours without overheating or requiring excessive layering.
  5. Low Viscosity: This characteristic ensures easy mixing and pouring, reducing the risk of bubbles and improving the final appearance.
What Epoxy Resin to Choose for Deep Pours?

Applications for Deep Pour Epoxy Resins

Deep pour epoxy resins are incredibly versatile and can be used in various applications, including:

  • Creating Tabletops: Custom resin tabletops are a popular choice for their unique and beautiful designs.
  • Countertops: Epoxy resin countertops offer durability and aesthetic appeal, making them a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Furniture Making: From epoxy river tables to decorative furniture pieces, deep pour resins provide endless possibilities.
  • Woodworking Projects: Embedding objects, and other intricate woodworking designs are made possible with the right resin.

1. Resin for Pours up to 2cm: “Trasparente” by Resin Pro

Resin “Trasparente” is perfect for projects requiring up to 2cm of depth. This resin features excellent clarity and UV resistance, ensuring your projects remain crystal clear and free from yellowing. Its low viscosity formula makes it easy to work with, providing a smooth and bubble-free finish.

Key Features:

  • Crystal clear clarity
  • Strong UV resistance
  • Smooth, bubble-free finish
  • Ideal for coasters, trays, small tabletops & river tables, and intricate woodworking projects

2. Resin for Pours up to 5cm: “Epoxytable-5” by Resin Pro

“Epoxytable-5” resin is designed for medium-depth pours up to 5cm. It boasts superior clarity, excellent yellowing resistance, and can be poured in thicker layers without overheating. This makes it perfect for creating larger river tables, countertops, and other medium-depth projects.

Key Features:

  • High-thickness pouring up to 5cm
  • Superior clarity and UV resistance
  • Minimal exotherm for thicker pours
  • Versatile for various medium-depth applications

3. Resin for Pours up to 10cm: “Epoxytable-10” by Resin Pro

For the most ambitious projects, “Epoxytable-10” allows for deep pours up to 10cm. This resin is formulated to minimize heat buildup, preventing cracks and ensuring a flawless finish even in thick applications. Its exceptional clarity and durability make it ideal for large river tables, substantial woodworking projects, and custom furniture pieces.

Key Features:

  • High-thickness pouring up to 10cm
  • Exceptional clarity and yellowing resistance
  • Low exotherm for safe deep pours
  • Perfect for large and intricate projects


Choosing the right epoxy resin for deep pours is essential for achieving professional-quality results in your projects. Whether you are working on tabletops, countertops, or other furniture pieces, selecting a resin with the right characteristics ensures durability, beauty, and functionality. “Trasparente”, “Epoxytable-5” and “Epoxytable-10”, manufactured by Resin Pro brand, adored by craftsmen and resin artists around the world for more than 8 years, each offers unique benefits tailored to different project depths, providing the perfect solution for any deep pouring needs. Invest in high-quality epoxy resin to elevate your creations and enjoy stunning, long-lasting results!


  1. Jayne Yoh

    Which resin should I use to set a rose in cube please? Is it possible and how do i do it?

    1. Yes, it is possible to do this.
      We recommend using EPOXYTABLE 5-FVE for fillings up to 5 cm.
      If you have a large fill size, you can also use EPOXYTABLE 10-TEN for fills up to 10 cm.

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