What Epoxy Resin to Choose for Resin Art?

What Epoxy Resin to Choose for Resin Art?


Epoxy resin art has taken the creative world by storm, offering endless possibilities for stunning wall panels, home decor, Petri Art, jewellery, coasters, trays, and other unique mould castings. The right epoxy resin is crucial for achieving the desired artistic effects and ensuring the longevity of your pieces. This article will explore the essential characteristics of epoxy resin for art and introduce the top products perfect for creating mesmerizing resin art pieces.

Characteristics of the Ideal Epoxy Resin for Art

  1. Crystal Clear Clarity: Ensures your art pieces have a pristine, glass-like finish that enhances colors and details.
  2. Strong Yellowing Resistance: High-quality resins with UV stabilizers prevent yellowing over time, maintaining the original appearance of your artwork.
  3. Smooth and Perfect Surface: The resin should cure to a smooth, shiny surface, minimizing the need for additional finishing work.
  4. High Viscosity: Higher viscosity resins are ideal for creating stunning color effects in wall panels, coasters, trays, and other artistic applications. They allow for better control over color movement and blending.
  5. Durability: The resin should provide a durable, long-lasting finish that protects your artwork from wear and damage.
What Epoxy Resin to Choose for Resin Art?

Applications for Epoxy Resin Art

Resins for art is incredibly versatile and can be used in various artistic applications, including:

  • Creating Wall Panels: Large resin art pieces for wall displays.
  • Art Pieces and Home Decor: Sculptural pieces, petri art, and decorative items.
  • Art Coatings on Surfaces: Enhancing the look of tables, trays, and other surfaces.
  • Techniques: Ocean art, marble effect, space art, geodes, and more.

1. Art Pro – Medium Viscosity Resin

Art Pro is perfect for art coatings like abstract art, marble, geodes, and others. Its medium viscosity is ideal for coasters, trays, and other flat mould castings with colorful effects. This resin ensures a smooth and shiny surface with strong UV protection, making it perfect for various artistic endeavors.

Key Features:

  • Medium viscosity for colorful effects
  • Smooth and shiny surface
  • Strong UV protection
  • Ideal for art coatings, as well as coasters, trays, and other flat mould castings

2. Art Pro Deluxe – Super Viscous Resin

Art Pro Deluxe is a super viscous version of Art Pro, designed mainly for art coatings like ocean art, space art, geodes and others. Its high viscosity allows for stunning color effects and intricate designs, making it perfect for artists seeking to create detailed and vibrant resin art.

Key Features:

  • Super viscous for detailed color effects
  • Ideal for ocean art, space art, and geodes
  • Smooth and durable finish

3. Naturesin – Mineral Powder for Ceramic-like Castings

Naturesin is a unique mineral powder that is mixed with water to create castings resembling ceramics. It is perfect for creating coasters, plates, and other home decor items with a distinct ceramic-like finish.

Key Features:

  • Creates ceramic-like castings
  • Perfect for coasters, plates, and home decor
  • Unique and natural finish

4. Trasparente – Best-Seller for Transparent Castings

Trasparente is Resin Pro’s best-seller, known for its crystal clear transparency, yellowing protection, and shiny, durable surface. It is perfect for transparent castings up to 2 cm thick, ideal for incorporating decorative elements like dried flowers, gold leaf flakes, and glitter.

Key Features:

  • Crystal clear transparency
  • Strong yellowing protection
  • Shiny and durable surface
  • Ideal for transparent castings with decorative elements


Choosing the right epoxy resin for resin art is essential for achieving professional-quality results. Whether you are working on wall panels, home decor, Petri art, jewellery, coasters, trays, or other resin mould castings, selecting a resin with the right characteristics ensures durability, clarity, and stunning visual effects. Art Pro, Art Pro Deluxe, Naturesin, and Trasparente each offer unique benefits tailored to different artistic needs, providing the perfect solution for any resin art project. Invest in high-quality epoxy resin to elevate your creations and enjoy beautiful, long-lasting results.

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