Differences Between Resins: Choose the Right Resin!

Differences Between Resins: Choose the Right Resin!

Differences Between Resins: Choose the Right Resin!

How do you confidently choose an epoxy resin when the information found on the web is varied and often contradictory?

At ResinPro we know how difficult it can be to choose the correct resin for your project and for this reason we have developed a simple scheme to immediately identify the most suitable resin for your project without wasting time!

Small Creations, Bijoux and Modelling (e.g. jewels, small ornaments, small woodworking)

I prodotti più usati sono: Resine Epossidiche, Resine UV e Resine Poliuretaniche.
Scopriamo i Vantaggi (e gli svantaggi)!

Epoxy resin

The Multipurpose Epoxy Resins are composed of 2 components to be mixed together and immediately after they must be used. They harden on their own after a few hours. The resin is transparent and can be coloured as desired, guaranteeing a glossy and resistant surface. These resins are undoubtedly the most used and versatile.

Advantages: Versatile Transparent Resistant Stable over time

Disadvantages: ✖️ Dose with scales ✖️ It needs at least 24h to harden

👉 Main Applications: Jewellery, silicone moulds, small castings (up to 2cm thick), stabilisation and filling of wood and other materials, model making

How To Use Multipurpose Clear Epoxy Resin 👇

👈 Find out all the details of our Epoxy Resin

UV resins

UV resins are single-component (so they don’t need to be mixed before applying them) but they only harden when exposed to UV light (don’t worry, you’ll find handy portable lamp here The UV resin is transparent and can be coloured as desired. Furthermore, it hardens in just 2 minutes, but it doesn’t allow you to pour more than 2mm at a time (but you can make more layers).

Advantages: Simple to Apply Very fast Colourable

Disadvantages: ✖️ Max 2mm casting per time. Being slightly dense on moulds with tiny details, it could incorporate some bubbles. ✖️ Requires UV torch/lamp to harden quickly.

👉 Particularly suitable for: Small jewels or creations that require multiple layers of resin (to save time) – final coating of small Creations (as a glossy final layer)

👇 Here’s a video on how to use UV Resin 👇

Polyurethane resins

Polyurethane resins are two-component resins which, unlike epoxy resin, hardens in just ten minutes! They are not transparent however and once hardened they have a white or beige colour (depending on the product). This doesn’t mean that you can’t colour them (indeed you can add colour to change the hue), but that they are simply not transparent.


Advantages: Fast Resistant If used in silicone moulds it copies every detail

Disadvantages: ✖️ Colourable, but not transparent

👉Particularly suitable for: Model making, Serial reproductions (given the speed) and Bijoux (where transparency is not required)

Beige Polyurethane Resin for Model Making
White Polyurethane Resin for Creations

Thick castings: tables, lamps and large projects

Recommended Product: Low Exothermic Epoxy Resins. They are also transparent two-component resins that can be coloured as desired. The resins for large castings (used above all when it comes to wooden and resin tables) must emit little heat during the catalysis. Many resins in large castings can generate too much heat, which will cause the resin to deform – cracks, bubbles, or other defects, so it is very important to use an appropriate deep pour resin that does not overheat for large projects.

Advantages: transparent does not overheat during casting does not deform and remains stable over time

Disadvantages: ✖️ to be dosed with scales ✖️ it takes a few days to reach a good hardness for sanding and polishing (but it can already be pulled out of the mould after 24h)

Main Applications: Tables, Incorporations, Lamps, large ornaments.

How to make a resin casting correctly

Epoxy resin for castings up to 2 cm in thickness

Epoxy resin for castings up to 5 cm in thickness

Coatings of surfaces / floors / paintings

Recommended Product: Epoxy resins with high resistance. These transparent resins (always two-component) are characterised by high hardness (which allows them to withstand foot traffic) and high resistance to humidity, always guaranteeing a glossy, even and smooth surface. Furthermore, they tend to be more “dense” (higher viscosity) so that once applied (be it an artistic painting or a floor) they can correctly self-level even on uneven surfaces.

Advantages: Resistant ✅ Shiny ✅ Colourable at your liking

Disadvantages: ✖️ Max casting thickness 1 cm (but more layers can be done)

Main Applications: Resin Art and Artistic Coatings, Resin Floors, Coasters and Trays (there is also a Version for Food Contact)

👉 Discover the most suitable resins:

Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber repairs

For use with technical fabrics (fibglass/carbon fiber) there are two large “families”: Technical Epoxy Resins and Polyester Resins.

Technical epoxies require greater care in the dosage and in the environmental conditions during processing (low humidity at the time of application), they are more resistant and long-lasting. Particularly indicated therefore for high quality creations/repairs with carbon fibre.

Technical epoxies require greater care in the dosage and in the environmental conditions during processing (low humidity at the time of application), they are more resistant and long-lasting. Particularly indicated therefore for high quality creations/repairs with carbon fibre.

Discover the range of Polyester Resins for Quick Repairs

High quality Epoxy Resins for Carbon and Nautical

Protection of cement surfaces

Recommended Product: Mono-component acrylic resin. When you have a large concrete surface (square, garage, etc) and you want to protect it and make it shiny (preventing it from “dusting”), without a doubt, the recommended product is the Single-Component Acrylic Resins. These are products that are very easy to apply (just spread them with a roller on the surface), fast, resistant and above all cheap.

Thanks to their low viscosity they deeply impregnate and stabilise the concrete. You can also repeat the treatment every 5-10 years to completely renew it


Advantages: Easy application  Easy maintenance Economical

Disadvantages: ✖️ Almost none, except that it must be applied with a mask if you work indoors. Transparent (and cannot be coloured)

Find out all the details of the Resin for Cement Surfaces 👉

Have a Doubt? Just ask us

In ResinPro We have the right Professionals for you!

Tata ResinArt

360° assistance in all steps of Your Resin Projects creation process. From design to implementation and final finishing. Expert in the choice of products and solving of technical problems related to the processing of resins and correct application procedures.


  1. Dave Greaves

    Hi…..which resin can I use for casting bowls for turning on a wood turning lathe. The bowl to be turned could be upto 160mm diameter x 160mm thick, although, wood pieces will be added to the resin to give different effects when finished.

    1. Hi, Dave! We`d suggest our deep resin for avoiding overheating –

  2. Siobhan murphy

    Can resin be poured in small crevices in sterling silver jewellary? Will it stick when it hardens or does it need prongs to hold it in? Will it hold its colour?

    1. Good afternoon!
      Thank you for your question.
      Yes, resin is suitable for this purpose.
      The minimum layer is 1.5 mm.
      Before pouring, we recommend degreasing the filling surface.
      Fasteners are not needed, the main thing is to make the sides so that the resin does not leak out and can completely dry.
      We will check with our laboratory about the reaction with silver and reply to your email.

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