Epoxy Resin for beginners

Epoxy Resin for beginners

Starting something new can sometimes be challenging, especially in the Epoxy World, where so many nuances. But no worries! This post will help you to create your first Epoxy Resin art-work, especially with our Beginner Resin Kit!

So, let`s start!

Please, take a clear cup.
We`ll use it for measuring and mixing.

Our Epoxy Resin – “ICrystal” has proportions 2:1 A:B, which means you have to take 2 parts of A and add 1 part of B, For example – 2 cups of A + 1 cup of B; or – 20ml of A + 10ml of B; or – 20gr of A + 10gr of B.
We insistly recommend working in well ventilated area and using protective equipment, like gloves, which you have in your kit!

Please, take a clear cup.
We`ll use it for measuring and mixing.
We`ve added 20ml of A and then 10ml of B (30ml in total). Please, pay your attention, the component B has a bit less viscosity and need some accuracy for pouring.
After that mix very well – 2 minutes in one way, 2 minutes in another, scratching the walls for proper mixing. The mix has to become absolutely clear!

When you finished mixing, you can pour the mix into other cups for colouring by your desire!
You don`t need much colourants there, just a small drop. There is a gold rule – the amount of colourants should not exceed 5% from the mix resin/hardener.
Otherwise, it may not to cure fully. We advise adding additives by small portions, checking the result`s density through clear cup. Of course, the colourant has to be mixed well too. Yes, you can use the same stick, clearing that by paper tissue before mixing the new colour.

Time for magic. Mixing several colours in one casting will make your creation a bit more interesting😊 Give a freedom to your imagination!

Wait at least 12h for de-moulding and 24h for the full curing time. The magic happened! Now you can proudly call yourself – RESIN ARTIST😊

Share your results in social media, tagging us – @resinpro_uk ❤️
Epoxy resin  is a complicated technical product, but if you follow the basic rules, you will get wonderful results! Oh, yes, we have a promo code (8%) on your next purchase – “MOJITO”. Thanks for your attention, and if you need any help, just call us – 07596 850968 or email us –

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